About Asal

About Asal

We are a distinguished furniture manufacturing company with a rich heritage and a steadfast commitment to delivering high-quality, sustainable, and innovative furniture products. Founded in 1960 by Father Hussein Asal in the historic city of Damietta, Egypt, ASAL FURNITURE has evolved from a small artisan workshop to a global leader in the furniture industry.



Our story is one that has been woven through time, craftsmanship, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. For over sixty years, we have embarked on a journey that has transformed us from a small artisan workshop into a global symbol of artistry and innovation.

Our journey

Our journey began in the historic city of Damietta, Egypt, in 1960 when Father Hussein Asal founded our humble artisan enterprise. In those early days, our production capacity was modest. Little did we know that these small beginnings would set the stage for a remarkable evolution.


As the years passed

As the years passed, our dedication to quality and craftsmanship became our guiding light. We grew in both size and reputation, with our creations earning a place in homes and hearts around the world. Every piece we crafted carried with it a legacy of excellence that defined our identity.

Our commitment to quality artistry

Our commitment to quality and artistry soon transcended borders. Today, we export our meticulously crafted furniture to over 27 countries across the globe. From Europe to Asia, Africa to North America, and even the shores of Australia, our creations have earned international acclaim and trust.

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Our Journey

Our journey has been marked by recognition and admiration on some of the world’s most prestigious platforms. From the Internazionale Salone del Mobile in Milan to Meuble Paris Maison & Objet in France, our creations have captivated audiences and garnered accolades.

Our Products

Our products are not just furniture; they are expressions of creativity, craftsmanship, and beauty. Explore our collection and experience the fusion of form and function that defines ASAL FURNITURE.

Welcome to ASAL FURNITURE, where artistry and excellence converge!


Asal’s Vision

To be the global standard-bearer for craftsmanship, innovation, and sustainable luxury in the world of furnishings. We envision a world where every piece of furniture is a masterpiece of artistry, elevating lives by transforming living spaces into expressions of timeless elegance and inspiration.

Asal’s Mission

 To craft furniture that goes beyond functionality, marrying form and function to create pieces that are truly works of art. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality, competitively priced products that cater to the unique preferences of communities worldwide. Through innovation, sustainability, and artistic expression, we aim to enrich lives and inspire creativity.

Asal’s Values


We uphold the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality in everything we create.


We believe that furniture is a canvas for artistic expression. Every piece we craft is a testament to our passion for beauty, elegance, and creativity.


We listen, adapt, and strive to exceed their expectations by delivering products and services that cater to their diverse preferences and needs.