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Asal Furniture

We are Asal furniture co., one of the leading manufacturers of high quality furniture in Egypt for more than fifty years . we have along considerable experience in this field. We export classic, antique and hotel furniture for more than 27 country , our products have gained worldwide fame and became a brand in this field by exhibiting in a prestigious showrooms in Europe, U.S.A and Middle East.

Our History

Asal company was established in 1960 in the heart of Damietta, the Castle of Furniture in the Middle East by the hands of professionals in the furniture industry, who were having a Determination to achieve a pioneer Reputation in the field .

Asal furniture achieved a major leadership for the Egyptian furniture in the international markets through its ability to integrate the past and the present in where the highly skilled employment and advanced technology mixed together , which played the biggest role in manufacturing a high-quality products suitable for all tastes.

The headquarters moved from Damietta to New Damietta and depending on its leading position in furniture market, Asal company has improved production lines and processes through the establishment of other factories for upholstery and painting built on high level to cope with the developing production.

The establishment of these factories has led to make the company occupy the top list of exporters in the field of furniture also succeeded in producing and exporting its products to many countries around the world

Our mission

We - Asal furniture - trying to have an active role in the progress process through creating a good reputation by producing high quality productions. Taking in our minds the needs of every community & try to create unique products , to be able compete in different markets local or international.

Our main mission to fulfill the needs of all our customers & help them to find what they look for.

Our vision

We are looking forward to be that company which can provide customer with all the required services in the field of furnishing. We aim to spread our activities starting with our local market , Egypt, till the whole world. so we ar doing all our deep & sincere efforts to acheive this & to gain the customers satisfaction.

Our purposes

The main purpose of our company is focused on innovation, also providing our staff with work experience and advanced techniques has become a vital part to the development of working methods, techniques that have proved their affectivity along with the growing needs of our customers in the field of furniture

Our Designs

We have different styles & designs for salons , sofa and antiques. We offer a wide range of hundreds of designs for bedrooms – saloons – living rooms – dining rooms.


Asal furniture have a many showrooms located in Egypt .Asal management is planing to widen their workspace over another countries .here you can find the address of asal factories in Egypt...

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