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We are Asal furniture co., one of the leading manufacturers of high quality furniture in Egypt for more than fifty years. We have along considerable experience in this field. We export classic, antique and hotel furniture for more than 27 country, our products have gained worldwide fame and became a brand in this field by exhibiting in a prestigious showrooms in Europe, U.S.A and Middle East.

We import beech wood from France , and according to universal standards and improved technologies,

we dry the wood in our factories By between 8% to 12% , also we import all raw materials from Italy. In brief we buy the best materials and machines for our production

We are known for creating classic, antique bedroom and hotel furniture that suite preference of the buyers and we have a wide collection of designs that ranges from classic to contemporary . We are also capable of executing furniture designs specified by clients.

Our factories are situated in Egypt, new Damietta city, industrial zone, with a workforce composed of more than 600 talented and high-qualified designers, draftsmen, and craftsmen.

Production factory These factories are - upholstery factory Representing ASAL GROUP. - Painting factory

We participate as exhibitors in the most important international exhibitions for furniture in the world such as : - Italy : INTERNAZINALE SALON DEL MOBILE in Milan - France: meuble Paris -- mais & object – equip hotel - Egypt: Furnex in Cairo - UAE : index Dubai -- Hotel Show - U.K : Birmingham - U.S.A: Highpoint - Spain: Valencia - Russia: meuble Moscow - Turkey: imob fair

We obtained ISO 9001 : 2008 certified in quality ISO 14001 : 2004 certified in environment OHSAS 18001 : 2007 certified in health and safety Based on the above facts we assure you that we will be able to meet your expectation by providing you furniture items as specification within 90 day.

We will deliver your dreams with a dash of gorgeous charm , making them right at your hand to feel the ability of creation ,offering you an exquisite selection of contemporary and classic furniture, because its more than a design, its a life style

Wishing there will be near business co-operation together, and We are sure that we will be at your disposal.

Our vision

We aspire to be the company that provides all the services in the field of furnishing , in Egypt and in the whole world, for customers from many different regions that suits their tastes and preferen

cesso we are developing and empowering all the methods to achieve excellence.

Our mission

We aim to play a significant role in the progress of our company through creating and disseminating our Products in each corner of the world, Taking into consideration the needs of each community and create a creative

Products to be capable of compete in the international and local markets and make profitable reliable services which delivers innovative solutions to all the customers


Asal company was established in 1960 in the heart of Damietta, the Castle of Furniture in the Middle East by the hands of professionals in the furniture industry, who were having a Determination to achieve a pioneer Reputation in the field .

Asal furniture achieved a major leadership for the Egyptian furniture in the international markets through its ability to integrate the past and the present in where the highly skilled employment and advanced technology mixed together , which played the biggest role in manufacturing a high-quality products suitable for all tastes.

The headquarters moved from Damietta to New Damietta and depending on its leading position in furniture market, Asal company has improved production lines and processes through the establishment of other factories for upholstery and painting built on high level to cope with the developing production.

The establishment of these factories has led to make the company occupy the top list of exporters in the field of furniture also succeeded in producing and exporting its products to many countries around the world.

Export map

I would like to put the world map , and each continent will be like a link when we press on it , it gives thecountries that dealing with us .

Europe : Italy – France – turkey – Germany – England - Spain – Ireland – Netherlands – Norway –Austria –Hungary –Greece – Romania – Switzerland – Sweden – Poland – Czech Republic

North America : CANADA – USA

Australia Asia : Arabian gulf countries – Japan – china – Hong Kong – Iran – Korea – Taiwan – Thailand –Malaysia – Tajikistan – Russia – Kazakhstan – Belarus –

Africa : Egypt – Kenya – Gabon – south Africa – Tunisia – morocco – Algeria – Libya – Sudan -

Asal export experience

Asal company exported furniture to many countries And as resulted influence, the company's reputation spread in various regions around the world. Since more than 20 years the company occupied the first rank in exporting furniture in Egypt and the Middle East, we have the ability to export large quantities to more than one place in the shortest possible time We have considerable experience in exporting furniture to many countries such as:

- Europe ( Italy - France – Spain- Turkey - Germany - Romania - Greece - Netherlands – Czech Republic - Austria , etc..) - Asia ( Iran - China - Japan- Arab Gulf countries , etc. ..) - Africa ( Gabon – south Africa – Kenya , .. etc. . ) - America – Canada – Australia – the middle east – north Africa

Doing business with us

Business relation is a mutual deal that we value and give it all respect so , it is our responsibility To Embodies all your needs to a reality can be touched through the deal.

And Answering all your questions making you feel that you are in a special part of the company

We are offering a products manufactured in high quality and universal standards Also we have a great collection of painting and fabrics that give the product attractive and charming viewThat’s beside having a customer service that make the link between clients and the company always connected .

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Production lines

1-the main factory: for producing and manufacturing The products in frame shape

2-the painting factory: Where all the manufactured items sent to, and painted in many colors according to universal And environmental standards

3-the upholstery factory: Where all the finished items from the painting being upholstered, with a unique collection of fabric


One of the most important processes in exporting is the procedures .which are : making Performa invoice containing a detailed information about the deal

-the process of production.

- Reserving the container and shipping it to arrival port

We export our products according to the selling policies, which are internationally known like: FOB , C&F , EX.W , DDP , DDU

Quality certificated

We have obtained quality certificates that prove we are qualified to lead the furniture field in Egypt

Such as: iSO 9001 : 2008 certified in quality ISO 14001 : 2004 certified in environment OHSAS 18001 : 2007 certified in health and safety


Asal quality

As our aim is to continuously improve the services provided to our customers , we have the pleasure to

offer you a products with high quality and made from the best materials that suit with the preferences of the customers

Latest Exhibition / Events In Asal furniture we contribute to the industry evolution by leaving our fingerprints everywhere.

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